About us

Welcome to Global Events & Marketing Pty!

Managing Director, Alexandra Scowcroft, started out in the industry back in 2011 in London, gaining invaluable industry knowledge and experience. Since then she was able to work alongside industry leaders in London, Nottingham and Sydney.


Why do you use direct marketing?
Direct marketing is growing to be one of the most effective forms of marketing, and with businesses on limited marketing budgets, it's extremely cost-efficient! It enables us to interact with customers on a face-to-face basis. This personalized interaction is respected and valued by customers, which encourages loyalty to our clients' brands and increases brand exposure.
What does GEM specialize in?
Our skill set is varied but primarily Global Events & Marketing Pty specialises in events and promotions as well as business-to-business sales. By providing a high level of customer service and professionalism we are able to represent our clients to the highest standards, leaving no goal behind.This level of service ensures a positive response and longevity.
What are the benefits of direct marketing?
As well as being extremely cost-effective, direct marketing produces immediate results which can be easily measured. This allows us to guarantee our clients a high return on investment, which many traditional forms of marketing are unable to compete with.
How are clients kept up to date with the campaign progress?
We ensure that our clients are in-the-know at every stage of the campaign (planning/testing/executing) by delivering detailed campaign reports which outline the progress. We then sit down with our clients to discuss the results, and together we will come up with new ideas of how to improve the campaign, to ensure maximum results are generated.
How can I outsource my campaign to GEM?
We make the outsourcing process to us as easy as possible! Contact us now info@gemsydney.com.au to arrange a consultation about your campaign.

Our Skills

  • Direct Marketing95%
  • Customer Acquisition87%
  • Campaign Management92%
  • Brand Exposure85%